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We have established BJU Press Korea(Company Name : Seed Edu) in South Korea to plant the kingdom of God into the hearts of our children, like the little mustard of this generation, So that the next generation will fulfill God's great dream and vision through their lives.


In order for the glory of God to be revealed through our children's lives, from childhood, our children must understand the kingdom of God and realize the secrets contained in it, and eventually grow into a big tree. It is our mission to nurture our children, such as seeds, by the word of God to grow into large trees. 


BJU Press Korea started with BJU Press, which has devoted decades of Christian education to all the grades from kindergarten (K4) to high school (12grade). Through BJU Press Korea, we are going to expand the culture and worldview of Christian education in this land. 


We, BJU Press Korea, want to help many Christian schools and church schools in this land that want to realize the little kingdom of God through Christian education. Furthermore, we would like to support of the children of missionaries who are committed in 167 countries around the world for their education through BJU Press.. 


We will strive to become a Christian enterprise in this age of God's delight. Through this company, we hope that many Christian schools will work together and we will respond to the needs of our customers with the leadership we serve as best we can.


To empower Christian educators to have an impact on the world for Christ.


To produce Christian educational materials with academic excellence from a biblical worldview.

Because of our commitment to Christian education, BJU Press produces textbooks and materials that support Christian educators in the crucial role they play in teaching students. We shape each textbook according to our core values.

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